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Trusted Commercial Lighting Experts

More than just a way to see what's going on around you, lighting is incredibly powerful. The right lighting can transform a hard to navigate warehouse into a space where objects are easy to locate, while increasing visibility in a parking lot can also increase how safe users feel when trying to find their car at night.

For all their commercial lighting needs, business owners have been trusting Cloninger & Son Electric LLC for years—why not join them, and get in touch with us today?

Light Your Parking Lot, Warehouse or Office Park with Cloninger & Son Electric LLC

A lack of visibility is an incredibly frustrating thing for people to deal with, and it can sometimes be the difference between potential clients choosing to use your business or not. Take a parking lot, for example. A parking lot that is poorly lit casts long shadows, creating a foreboding feeling when your staff or clients are headed to their cars at night. Without proper lighting, it's hard to tell what's out there—is there something lurking out of sight? On the other hand, a parking lot that has bright lights is significantly more secure, and people feel more at ease using it.

The Right Lighting gives You Enhanced Security and Accessibility

Cloninger & Son Electric LLC specializes in providing lighting solutions that enhance security, and leaves users feeling comfortable. Thanks to our services, the commercial spaces in our area are more accessible than ever.

With every project we take on, our goal is the same: to enhance the user experience by providing lighting solutions that boost visibility and ease of access. In our mind, this is something that can be achieved without forcing clients to pay an arm and a leg, which is why we're proud to offer highly competitive rates to our customers.

Increase Visibility and Efficiency with High Quality Commercial Lights

With our top notch commercial lighting products, it's easier than ever for potential clients to find you, and for employees to be more efficient in their work. Imagine a warehouse that's difficult to navigate, because the lights are insufficient for the space.

Employees spend more time than they need to wandering around, just because it's hard to find what they're looking for. Now imagine one that's lit by an energy efficient, well-designed system from Cloninger & Son Electric LLC. Your employees are able to efficiently locate what they're searching for and move on to the next step faster, because their time spent hunting for a given item is vastly reduced.