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Electrical Excavation Services in Bozeman

Whenever you are digging or disrupting the earth underneath your feet for something like a brand-new development or a basement remodel, you need to make sure that there are no live or damaged wires below posing a threat to your health and your project’s progress. When you neglect to properly excavate any Bozeman property of electrical work before you begin digging, no matter how big or small the dig is, you could risk an electric shock, an explosion or a fire. Rather than putting yourself in harm’s way, call (406) 461-5901 today to speak with Cloninger & Son Electric, LLC.

A knowledgeable, flexible and honest electrician is a huge asset for any Bozeman home or business. When you require top-quality electrical work in either your home or commercial space somewhere in the Bozeman area, Cloninger & Son Electric, LLC are the electrical contractor of choice because we provide superior workmanship from start to finish. Customers can rest easy knowing that each and every electrical project, including electrical excavations, is being handled with exceptional professionalism.

As a family-owned and operated business, Cloninger & Son Electric, LLC is more than just a team of the most trusted electricians in the Bozeman area. Our business was founded on the basis of a father teaching his son a craft. On top of the technical knowledge of the trade, we have emphasized the passing down our family’s values of craftmanship, flexibility and honesty. Our goal is to be synonymous with great service for generations, so if you want to work with electrical professionals who are committed to excellence, call (406) 461-5901 to get a free quote on our electrical excavation services today.

Your Safety is Our Priority

The primary reason you need to invest in an electrical excavation before you break ground is to make sure that you aren’t diving headfirst into hazards. If there are live wires, service lines or any other type electrical work where you are looking to dig, it could have disastrous consequences.

When you choose Cloninger & Son Electric, LLC, you are doing the right thing to ensure the safety of those around you. We have extensive experience carrying out electrical excavations all over the Bozeman area and can confidently remove any potential hazards so that your project can proceed without fear of electrocution, fire or any other types of damage.

How to Excavate Safely

Underground utility lines could be all over your property and unless you happened to be there to oversee their installation, you probably don’t know where to find them. The precise hand of an electrical professional doing this dangerous work for you is imperative lest you harm yourself. When we do an electrical excavation, all cables are considered as live and we take extra special care so no damage is done to the structure.

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